Inline Edit Solution for FLUID-2652

Lam, Mike mlam at
Sun Oct 17 23:56:27 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

We've made a number of changes to address the Inline Edit screen reader accessibility issue initially filed in FLUID-2652.   

Here is a summary of the changes that we've made:
-  Implemented an explicit save button at the end of the container.  
-  Added a tooltip to both the save button and edit field in display mode.
-  Added a tooltip on the edit field only upon edit mode via mouse or keyboard.
-  Removed the edit field from the tab order.   The tab order inclusion can give visual users the impression that the inline edit is not working with the keyboard as two tabs are required to remove focus from the component.
-  Unit tests to verify our additions and modifications.

Feedback is always welcome!


Mike Lam / mlam at
Inclusive Software Developer and Designer
Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCADU

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