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Jonathan Hung jhung at
Tue Oct 5 17:39:37 UTC 2010

I don't think we should have actual content inside the content boxes because
it may end up confusing the user. However, I think we should try to use
different sized content boxes just to show how the code handles that.

Re: Small Drag Bar.
The drag bar is cosmetic and the user can drag using the entire content box.
There is a hover / focus style for the entire content box (not shown in this
wireframe) and the mouse cursor changes to a grabber to indicate the content
can be moved.

Thanks for the comments!

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On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 1:29 PM, Justin Obara <obara.justin at> wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
> This is a nice improvement on the existing demo. I'm not sure if in the
> future we'll want to have actual content in the movable items, or if that
> will just make things too confusing for the demo.
> I've made some more comments below.
> Thanks
> Justin
> On 2010-10-05, at 12:36 PM, Jonathan Hung wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Attached is an illustration of a proposed update to the Layout Reorderer
> demo.
> The notable changes are:
> - the use of a locked icon to indicate locked content.
> - addition of instructions and description of usage.
> - a top "drag bar" to movable content.
> Is this "drag bar" just to indicate that the element  is draggable or will
> this be used as the handle for performing the drag. If it is the latter, I
> think it may be a bit small.
> - an asymmetrical layout bearing resemblance to a website with 2 sidebars
> and a main content area.
> Accessibility question:
> - How is this demo accessible to screen readers? I feel that the feedback
> will need to be descriptive in order to convey the proper ordering and
> relationships of objects as they are moved between columns.
> We have jiras on bug parade for this. I don't think they'll be easy though,
> but we are going to try to have it done for 1.3.
> Questions:
> 1.  Do you think locked content should have a more distinctive appearance?
> 2. What is your opinion of using a lock icon versus having the words
> "Locked"?
> Implementation question:
> 3. The lock icons in the content area will be implemented as background
> images as to not interfere with ATs (in effect be invisible to screen
> readers). However, the lock icon in the instructions will be "seen" by ATs.
> It is potentially confusing that the instructions reference a lock image,
> but the rest of the demo does not as far as the AT is concerned. How should
> this be handled?
> Not totally sure, but I think as long as the locked portlets are identified
> as such, to AT users, then the locked icon is just styling. Your
> instructions don't seem to necessarily refer to the lock icon, so I think it
> is okay.
> Thoughts on the overall design and comments to the above questions are
> welcome!
> - Jonathan.
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