Floe concept design mindmap and next steps

James William Yoon jyoon at ocad.ca
Mon Oct 4 16:30:07 UTC 2010

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Hi all,

On Floe, we've been working on a concept design to act as a straw man
and artifact for thinking around.

Framing Floe as a project that approaches inclusive open education
resources from a learner role and an educator/producer role allows us
to articulate the following goals:

On the learner's side, we want to connect users to appropriate
resources. Learners should be able to express a learning need/desire,
and the system should then: 1) find resources matching that
expression, 2) transform existing resources to match that expression,
or 3) create a demand for such resources.

On the educator's side, we want to enable OER producers to be able to
create transformable content through the use of authoring
tools/toolkits/utilities that naturally afford the production of
inclusive content. (Side note: we also want to explore the idea of
crowd sourcing to transform existing resources into other modes)

I've put together a mindmap of ideas and considerations for
envisioning the Floe design concept. It can be found here:


Over the next while, I'll be taking this soup of ideas and manifesting
them into some sketches and wireframes.

Thoughts, questions, and feedback are always appreciated, :)


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