(Another) Inline Edit demo design

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at ocad.ca
Mon Oct 4 14:22:31 UTC 2010

On 2010-10-04, at 9:51 AM, Jonathan Hung wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Attached is another design for the inline edit demo. This design depicts an image with an editable title, description, and tags / keywords.

Jon, I like this idea for a demo - it's a scenario that is very real-world, and it seems quite appropriate to use in-line editing in this case.

I wonder if we might want to add a little bit of context around the picture - like an album name, next/previous links to other pictures, etc.? Of course, that might just clutter it up, and any links would have to be inactive... What do other people think?

> I am not sure if instructional text is required, or if the visual cues are strong enough to convey to the user that fields are editable, and edits are undoable.

This sounds like a question that user testing might help answer?

I love the picture, by the way. Is it one of yours?

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