Inline Edit Code Review Results

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Thu Nov 25 19:49:56 UTC 2010

Hi Michelle,

We had talked about switching to a template for inlineEdit, but weren't sure we could properly do it and support backwards compatability. I suppose as a start we could start pulling out the markup snippets and placing them into a markup block in the defaults. As far as changing it to use an actual template, if we want to do this, we may need to change it before the release. With the new convenience functions that have been added to inlineEdit, for the creation/setup of display and edit mode, it will be hard to switch later without breaking backwards compatability.

- Justin
On 2010-11-23, at 3:55 PM, Michelle D'Souza wrote:

> 1) Strings containing markup snippets are scattered throughout the code base. We have talked about changing InlineEdit to have a template which would remove all this hardcoded, difficult to maintain markup. 

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