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Mon Nov 15 19:16:31 UTC 2010


I'm including Eli on the cc list, since he might have some insights into the original markup design and why it's structured the way it is.


On 2010-11-15, at 1:50 PM, Valles, Heidi wrote:

> hi gang!
> I've been checking out the uploader today and noticed that the html could be cleaned up a bit.
> Right now there are 3 tables being used:
> 1) A 1 row, 3 cols table for the values "file name, size, space". It has the caption "File Queue"
> 2) A dynamic data table with no caption, 3 cols. It holds info about uploaded files
> 3) A 1 row, 2 cols table for the footer. The first col has the # files/total size data, and the second has the browse file input.
> I'd like to suggest an alternative:
> 1 data table, with both the header information and the data
> the footer styled with css
> I'm guessing one reason it was done this way was to make the data scrollable but have a fixed header. We can still achieve this with css, and also keep the semantic connection of column headers to data. 
> I've created a jira for this:  FLUID-3837
> cheers,
> heidi

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