HTML5 Uploader screen reader testing: Jaws

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at
Mon Nov 15 17:04:51 UTC 2010

>> Tabbing though the interface, Jaws will read the "switch" link, but nothing else
> I've just given Uploader's container a role of application, which should help. Let me know how it goes.

This helps in NVDA: It automatically switches into application mode when focus lands inside the uploader (saying the word "application") and then the feedback is as I described under "Focus mode." Interestingly, you can't manually switch between modes...

Unfortunately, the application role doesn't seem to make any difference in Jaws - version 11, at least.

>> Virtual PC Cursor OFF
>> =============
>> Tabbing though the interface, no files in queue:
>> Tab from the 'switch to simple' link to the file queue:  Jaws says "Tab, queue of files to upload, table"
> This sounds pretty good to me. Does it give you any indication that the queue is currently empty, though?

It doesn't say anything specific. The only clue is the fact that it doesn't read any file names.

>> Tab to the browse button, Jaws says "browse, button, to activate press space bar"
>> Browse, pick a file, open it: "Upload button, to activate press space bar"
> These both seem correct. Is that your impression?

Yep, it seems completely reasonable to me.

>> Now that the queue has a file, tab to it and Jaws says "<file name> <file size> remove file"
> It seems to me that we should provide instructions to the user on how to remove a file. I believe the "remove file" part of what you're hearing is the alt text on the remove button. To delete a file with the keyboard, you need to press the Delete key on the keyboard. Perhaps we should include that instruction?

Yes, I discussed this with Mike a bit. It might be a good idea to add instructions.

>> With focus on the upload button hit Enter: hear "Stop upload, to activate press space bar, progress is complete"
>> Trying again with more files: "Stop upload, to activate press space bar, progress is x% complete... progress is y% complete... progress is z% complete..."
>>  (note that it never says "progress is complete")
> Have you tested with various file sizes? Is it perhaps an issue with very small files? We'll need to fix this either way, but it would be great to get a sense of how it behaves with large vs. small files.

I think it's just a timing issue: I suspect the screen reader was just busy ready the final percentage when the complete event happened, and it missed it.

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