HTML5 Uploader screen reader testing: Jaws

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at
Mon Nov 15 16:03:32 UTC 2010

Jaws 11 + FF3.6

Virtual PC Cursor ON
Tabbing though the interface, Jaws will read the "switch" link, but nothing else

Virtual PC Cursor OFF
Tabbing though the interface, no files in queue:
Tab from the 'switch to simple' link to the file queue:  Jaws says "Tab, queue of files to upload, table"
Tab to the browse button, Jaws says "browse, button, to activate press space bar"
Browse, pick a file, open it: "Upload button, to activate press space bar"
Now that the queue has a file, tab to it and Jaws says "<file name> <file size> remove file"
Arrow down to more files: "<file name> <file size> remove file"
Delete a file with the delete button:  "blank <file name (of newly focused file)> <file size> remove file"
With focus on the upload button hit Enter: hear "Stop upload, to activate press space bar, progress is complete"
Trying again with more files: "Stop upload, to activate press space bar, progress is x% complete... progress is y% complete... progress is z% complete..."
   (note that it never says "progress is complete")
Tab to list of successfully uploaded files: "<file name> <file size> file uploaded, file uploaded", same arrowing through

Anastasia Cheetham           acheetham at
Inclusive Design Institute  /  OCAD University

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