Screen Reader testing: Inline Edit demo

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Sat Nov 13 18:31:48 UTC 2010

Hi Anastasia,

Thanks for your help testing inline edit.

On 2010-11-12, at 5:37 PM, Cheetham, Anastasia wrote:
> Both browsers, independent of screen readers:
> The first time you edit the field (i.e. if there is not yet an undo button): If you use Tab to complete your edit, focus does not go the new undo button, it goes to the next field. I don't see a JIRA for this, but it seems wrong to me.

There is already a jira for this.

> Both screen readers, both browsers:
> I noticed what Jan noticed, which was that when focus lands on the edit field, you hear "edit text button" i.e. you don't hear the actual text in the edit field. However: This only happens when the component is first initialized. After you've edited the text at least once, further focus on the edit field says "edit text <text> button"

I just committed a fix for this at r10237. We had been trying to set the text on the button before the model had been set. I refactored this a bit so that we now set the model first. I have also made a change so that the defaultViewText, which is displayed when the inlineEdit is empty, is read on the button like normal text would be.

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