Some useful design resources wrt to accessibility/inclusiveness (personas, and design process)

James William Yoon jyoon at
Fri Nov 12 22:16:09 UTC 2010


In thinking about OER users (learners with varying dis/abilities, in/from
varying environments & cultures, etc.), I looked into various sets of
personas that are already openly available. I was pleased to find that our
AEGIS friends delivered a fairly extensive library of non-context specific
personas of people with disabilities here:

On its own, it's not enough to characterize OER users, but it provides a
nice starting point for exploring the edge cases.

At the same time, I ran into a book written by Shawn Henry about ways to
incorporate accessibility thinking into the design process. This seems like
an interesting analogue/complement/overlap to the work we've been doing in
the Design Handbook and Inclusive Learning Handbook, and thought it
worthwhile to pass along:

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