Pager demo: stop-gap solution and current Infusion 1.3 pager demo work

Jonathan Hung jhung at
Thu Nov 11 16:40:54 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I sent out an email with a new design for pager (see email titled:
"Another pager design - the start of the One Demo to Rule Them All"). It is
unlikely this new demo will be designed and implemented in time for this
Monday's code freeze for Infusion 1.3.

With this in mind, we have two options with respect to the pager demo for
Infusion 1.3:
1. Update the current pager demo with new functionality and styling.
(Current demo:
2. Update the Sakai pager demo to be more appropriate as an Infusion demo.
(Sakai pager demo:

Option 1 is not very practical because a lot of new functionality needs to
be added like column sorting, annotations. This is in addition to a lot of
styling changes.

Option 2 is more manageable since all major features are already in place
and most work involves styling. Attached is a list of tasks to make this
demo ready for Infusion v1.3.

The people slated to help work on the pager demo are: Heidi, Justin, and

Please respond with:
+1 if you agree with going with Option 2.
-1 otherwise.
Silence will be assumed to be +1. ;)

Have a great day!

- Jonathan
Jonathan Hung / jhung at <jhung.utoronto at>
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- "select all | select visible | unselect all | # selected"
- drop-down selectors for role and status in table, but keep the data
- menu tabs along the top
- "Help | Close & Return to (x)"
- "Add members"
- "Select a command"
- "Submit"
- Sakai logo and small print in footer.

- sanitize the data displayed. All emails using a valid hostname should be scrubbed and replaced with "". I.e. and should not appear.

Page links (top and bottom):
- Move the page links to the left (i.e. Use FSS force-left on the page links container).*
- Make the page links a fixed-width container so as it expands and contracts, the overall layout remains consistent and doesn't reflow.*
- Current page should be white text on a back background (with a 2px black border).*
- link hover style should be default link text colour, a 2px black border with no fill colour. (i.e so it will appear as default blue link inside a 2px box).*
- Next and Prev links not appearing on bottom page links.

*JH will provide a small wireframe for these components.

Items per page:
- Float right to edge of page. (i.e. Use FSS force-right).
- add <label> "Items per page:"
- change selector to use numbers only (10, 20, 50, All)

Pager Summary:
- Move to just under the page title.

- Replace current styling with FSS.
- Use default FSS text styling for better contrast.

- "Site Settings" -> "School Roster"

Page link annotation:
- Annotation should read: "<first item> to <last item>". (May need to adjust wording to more semantically clear to ATs).

- Enable deletion - use the checkboxes to select, and press Delete Selected to remove from table..
- Add a comments column. Make it unsortable. (Requires adding additional data to the database).
- Make email column sortable.

Possible bug:
- Page link annotation doesn't change even if the sort criteria has changed. i.e. If sorting by Email, the tooltip should display the first and last email on the page, not the first and last Member on the page.

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