Enhancements to/redesign of Fluid Infusion demo pages

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at ocad.ca
Thu Nov 4 18:00:42 UTC 2010

On 2010-11-04, at 1:46 PM, Jonathan Hung wrote:

> Part of me thinks we should take inventory of the documentation we have currently and see if it can be structured better. Perhaps from this we will have a better idea of what to show in the demo portal (although it's becoming less a demo portal, and more like a components showroom).

Yes, this is definitely on the "to do" list. My goal is for the new wiki space to be the official home of "Infusion Documentation"


and the original wiki can be more of the collaboration/communication space.

I'm definitely interested on ideas for improving the structure of the Infusion documentation.

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