API changes in 1.3: Progress

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at ocad.ca
Thu Nov 4 13:28:16 UTC 2010

On 2010-11-04, at 7:34 AM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Quick question: the "all-new options" section below for Progress looks like it is actually related to Inline Edit. Just a cut and paste mistake, or is there a new renderer function for Progress I wasn't aware of?

Ugh, yes, I'm sorry. (Did I mention that yesterday was Day 3 of my caffeine-free experiment?)

Here's a revised summary:

New Options
new strings option: (wasn't there before)
  strings: {
       ariaBusyText: "Progress is %percentComplete percent complete",
       ariaDoneText: "Progress is complete."

new events option: (wasn't there before)
   events: {            
       onProgressBegin: null,
       afterProgressHidden: null            
Note that these options replace the deprecated 'callback' properties of the showAnimation and hideAnimation options

Deprecated Options
The 'callback' properties of showAnimation and hideAnimation are deprecated, replaced by the new events.

Deleted Options
   ariaBusyText: "Progress is %percentComplete percent complete",
   ariaDoneText: "Progress is complete."
These two strings have been moved into the new 'strings' option. I believe the decision was made NOT to maintain backward compatibility because the Progress component is still in Preview status.

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