API changes in 1.3: Inline Edit

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at ocad.ca
Wed Nov 3 19:44:58 UTC 2010

Here is a summary of the Inline Edit API changes that are currently expected to be released with 1.3:

Changes to Default Values of Options
    useTooltip: true,   // was false
    tooltipText: "Click item to edit"  // was "Select or press Enter to edit"

New Options
new selector:
    textEditButton: ".flc-inlineEdit-textEditButton"

new styles:
    keyboardTooltip: "fl-inlineEdit-keyboardTooltip",
    textEditButton: "fl-inlineEdit-text",
    instructionText: "fl-inlineEdit-instructionText",
    displayModeRenderer: "fl-inlineEdit-wrapper"

new strings options (wasn't there before)
    strings: {
        textEditButton: "Edit text %text",
        editModeToolTip: "Press Escape to cancel, Enter or Tab when finished."

all-new options:
    textEditButtonRenderer: defaultTextEditButtonRenderer, // a function that creates the textEditButton
    renderKeyboardTooltip: true,
    urls: {
        textEditButtonImage: "../images/inline_edit_edit_button_16x16.png"

There are two strings that could be moved into the new strings option, but haven't been, to maintain backward compatibility:
    tooltipText and defaultViewText
There are comments to this effect in the code.

Functions moved to public namespace
Many functions were moved into the public "fluid.inlineEdit.*" namespace that weren't there before. These are *not* public functions on the component's 'that.' I think they're probably in the class of "things that aren't actually meant for public use." They include event binding functions, view accessor setup functions, etc.

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