Upcoming Jasig Services Outage

Eric Dalquist eric.dalquist at doit.wisc.edu
Wed May 26 17:00:27 UTC 2010

Starting at 9pm CDT on Tuesday June 1st the following Jasig services 
will be unavailable:
     Confluence - http://www.ja-sig.org/wiki
     Jira - http://www.ja-sig.org/issues
     Subversion - https://www.ja-sig.org/svn
     Project Downloads - http://www.ja-sig.org/downloads
     All of http://developer.jasig.org which includes: Maven 
Repositories, Fisheye, Bamboo & Developer Sites

The migration will be happening over night thanks to the wonderful folks 
at Contegix will be hosting our new server. The plan is that services 
will be restored by noon CDT on Wednesday June 2nd, hopefully it will be 
much earlier than that.

Important Notes

    * All existing links will continue to work though the services will
      be at new URLs, redirects will be maintained for the foreseeable
    * Confluence & Jira accounts are being merged
          o If you have the same username on both services currently
            please try both passwords when logging in after the switch
          o If you have different usernames on both services please
            contact me after the switch and we can get to moved to a
            single account
    * Subversion revision numbers are changing
          o You will have to do a new checkout of any project hosted by
            Jasig SVN, svn switch will not work
          o Please have local changes either committed or a patch
            created before 9pm CDT on June 1 to ensure you can move the
            changes into the new repository.


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