Help with fluid renderer

Jim Eng jimeng at
Thu May 6 20:01:24 UTC 2010


We need to render a table inside of a form element.  In each row of the table, we will have one td element containing a checkbox such as this:

<input type="checkbox" name="selectedMembers" value="/a/string/containing/slashes/and/other.punctuation" />

I think this is covered by the "Select" and "SelectChoice" types described in this page:

Is that correct?  I'd appreciate suggestions about how we would render this using the fluid renderer.  Right now, our template has this element for the checkbox:

<input class="res_checkbox dis_checkbox" id="checkbox" type="checkbox" name="selectedMembers" />

When we try adding a value attribute to the component tree, it is ignored and the value is set to "true" instead.  I am guessing that we need to have an element in the template corresponding to the the Select type above and then add each checkbox to the component tree sort as a SelectChoice item.  Is that correct?

Is there a demo that shows how to do this?



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