Infusion 1.2 release testing, volunteers welcome

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Wed Mar 31 19:05:30 UTC 2010


We are ready to start testing for the Infusion 1.2 release. 

Please see below for how you can help.


Testing Tasks

The set of tasks are located on the "Release Testing Tasks" page on the wiki

Please grab a test(s) from the left hand column and add it to your own task list in the right hand column. If you don't have a task list, please let me know and I can add one for you or you can add one via the wiki markup.

To move a task you can copy and paste the text from the left hand column into the add text field of your task list, and then delete it from the left hand column. Alternatively, you can edit it in the wiki markup.

Test Plans

The tests plans can all be found on the "Testing Fluid Components" wiki page.

The test plans are sorted by component on the right hand side of the page. If there is a plan with WCAG, please do that one instead of the regular one. Also you do not need to do the Regression test plans.

Test Pages

The pages to test should all be accessible from the build site.

Filing Issues

Please file issues in the bug tracker.

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