QA testing: Decapod 0.3 bugs

Michelle D'Souza michelle.dsouza at
Tue Mar 30 13:50:22 UTC 2010

Justin is merging a branch with a jquery upgrade and changes to the  
reorderer today. It might be worth waiting until after the merge to  
test this again.

> 6. Reordering images with keyboard doesn't respond to initial  
> actions; need to attempt twice before it's successful.
>   To replicate: take three pictures, select second image, press ctrl- 
> up--image is highlighted in reorder mode but does not move; keep  
> holding ctrl and press up again, and it will actually move up.
> 7. After reordering with keyboard, image still appears to be in  
> reordering mode (visually, not functionally).
>   To replicate: take a picture, select image, press ctrl-up, let go;  
> selected image is appears to be in reorder mode.
> Re: 6 and 7
> This is strange because it wasn't always like this. In earlier  
> versions of Decapod keyboard reordering worked as expected. This  
> could be a problem with the Fluid Reorderer.
> (Just checked the Fluid build server. It seems it's happening there  
> as well. Will file an appropriate bug if one doesn't already exist).
> Thanks again for the testing help!
> - Jon.
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