JIRA updates for 0.3 (re-prioritizations, etc.)

James William Yoon james.yoon at utoronto.ca
Mon Mar 15 16:07:06 UTC 2010

Tona and I took a look at the outstanding JIRAs for 0.3. We made a few
adjustments based on results from pilot testing and other things, and made
some changes. They're as follows:


ENGAGE-428: In VoiceOver, text under the icons in home are tappable but not
identified as a link/button/actionable element (related to ENGAGE-420?)
  - While important, this might not be a blocker: the images still serves as
the primary actionable link, while the text serves as a sort of label--the
fact that it's also actionable is like an added bonus right now (note: if
this is maintained as a blocker, ENGAGE-420 might need to be upgraded to
blocker as well). Also, pilot testing showed that non-VO users tapped on the
icon link, not the subtext link--the same might be true of VO users too

ENGAGE-421: Screen focus not adjusting after expanding/collapsing of
  - Pilot testing shows that this is a really bad problem. Users tap on a
panel at the bottom of the screen, and nothing appears to happen--they try
tapping several times, thinking the first few taps didn't register. In
nearly every case, the moderator had to show the user that it was below the
screen fold

ENGAGE-500: In voice over labes: switch to grid layout/switch to list layout
are used incorrectly when the user looks at the page in grid/list view.
  - Labels that are being incorrectly announced in VO (e.g. "switch to grid"
when it should be "switch to list") can be really confusing to the user

ENGAGE-450: Cabinet headers are announced as heading level 2. VO user
wouldn't know that he/she can expand it.
  - If the VO user doesn't know that he/she can expand it, then the user
wouldn't be able to access content within the cabinet (e.g., media clips,
comments, related artifacts), which is very important

Issues that appear to be resolved:

ENGAGE-414: In French mode, home page temporarily displays in English when
tapping "home" from another screen

ENGAGE-342: Performance of 0.3 is slow even when hitting from an iPhone on

ENGAGE-278: Add media badge styling to the catalog and exhibition pages to
show when an artifact has media resources
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