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Yura Zenevich yura.zenevich at
Thu Mar 11 16:29:13 UTC 2010

    Hello Everett,

    I forgot to ask you another VoiceOver accessibility related question
during the chat yesterday. The question I had was about the description
subsection on artifact page. Right now description is set up the way that
first couple of lines are visible to sighted user and the rest of the
description is hidden with css using max-height property and overflow:
hidden. Thus if the description is longer than the couple of lines then it
will be partly hidden from the non-VoiceOver user. Under the text
description there's a MORE/LESS toggle link that removes or adds back the
max-height property.

    This works as expected without VoiceOver but if you try it with voice
over the part of the description that's supposed to be hidden is still
visible and is readable by the VoiceOver. This also makes MORE/LESS toggle
link confusing since the whole description is accessible to VoiceOver

    There are also some comments that James made about this issue that you
can find attached to this JIRA:

    It would be great to hear your feedback and recommendations in regards
to this issue.

    Thank you,

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