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Jamon Camisso jamonation at
Wed Mar 10 17:28:52 UTC 2010

Hi Colin, Huges,

Slowness is fixed, you can use the url as before.

The issue is actually something specific to OSX variants that I've run into before.

OSX does not handle reverse DNS (rDNS) entries for the initiating host very well. One symptom is very slow initial SSH connections to a remote host. Another, the slowness with apache. Essentially by not using a sane hostname, the client device ends up forcing Apache to do a lookup on the host that is requesting a page. Since devices being used are iphones, ipods, and some developer machines around here and all run OSX, the slowness is limited to those devices. e.g. On my Linux machines with more robust DNS the site loaded consistently fast, every time I requested it.

To work around the issue I've disabled all hostname lookups in Apache on the production site. I'm going to do one more restart to switch Apache back to using AJP instead of HTTP since the former is a more optimized protocol for Apache and Tomcat when they are working together.

Cheers, Jamon

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 11:54:25AM -0500, Colin Clark wrote:
> Just to clarify, there's something wrong with our Apache setup on the production server that is accounting for slowdown. We use something called AJP to proxy Apache to Tomcat, but it seems to be acting up. Jamon is looking into it, and we'll get it fixed ASAP in order to save you from having to change the home screen icon URL on all 40 of your iPod touches.
> Colin
> On 2010-03-10, at 10:30 AM, Yura Zenevich wrote:
> > I think at the moment, you will be able to access a fast version of the production build by going directly here: 
> > 
> >
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