Fluid Engage: Issue with static text accessibility

Svetoslav Nedkov snedkov at asteasolutions.com
Mon Mar 8 14:55:42 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Last week I took the oportunity to work on one of the accessibility 
issues with code entry screen:


Here is what I found:

Empty static text like <span></span> is not read by VoiceOver even given 
a tabindex and a aria-label attribute. The case is that this element 
needs a relevant ARIA role. However it seems that no suitable role is 
supported for static text. I found a table of supported ARIA roles in 
Safari that is somewhat outdated (from March last year):


I couldn't find a newer support table. Can someone help with this?

Also when the static text is updated it retains its previous value 
(blank, not read by VoiceOver) as it is described here:


This prevents the code from being read once it is entered.

I hope that somebody has some insight on how to correct these issues.



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