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Michelle D'Souza michelle.dsouza at
Thu Mar 4 18:50:37 UTC 2010

Hi Antranig,

I added the guestbook and its dependencies to the MyEngage.js file. As  
for the location of the MyInfusion.js file I think it is in the  
correct place for now. In the standalone version fluid-infusion/src/ 
webapp doesn't exist and shouldn't exist since fluid-infusion is  
already inside src/main/webapp. As for running from Eclipse we would  
need to copy MyInfusion.js into the correct place anyway since it is a  
build product, so copying it to fluid-infusion/src/webapp doesn't seem  
like an onerous step. Is there something I'm missing?


> For build work tomorrow, there are a couple of issues - firstly
> i) The "MyInfusion.js" file could be placed at src/webapp rather  
> than the root of the infusion project. Since the overall project  
> root is not mounted in Eclipse, and this portion of the path  
> disappears in the standalone, this would make it impossible to have  
> a consistent relative path for this file in mobileHome.html that  
> works in the two environments.
> ii) Some of the "common files" escaped the configuration for the  
> build, these are guestbook and date-related files that could  
> usefully go into MyEngage.js as well.
> Ideally all of this environmental matter would just become a part of  
> configuration, but there will not be time to implement this before  
> the delivery of "the fast one" for the pilot. See you all in the  
> morning,
> Antranig.
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