Release schedule for Engage 0.3b3 (the fast one)

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Thu Mar 4 12:11:57 UTC 2010

Hi Colin,

If you freeze mid-day today, I can perform a QA test tomorrow (Friday)
*my *morning,
and send the bugs to the list so you'll find them as soon as you arrive.
I'll test on iPhone 3G with OS 3.0.1 w/out VO.


On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 7:53 AM, Colin Clark <colinbdclark at> wrote:

> A couple of lingering issues with our build scripts and some minor styling
> issues will likely keep us from freezing until mid-day tomorrow, so let's
> hold off on 0.3b3 QA until those get squashed.
> Colin
> On 2010-03-03, at 4:55 PM, Colin Clark wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Antranig, Michelle, and I have made major progress on making Engage 0.3b
> super fast. As you probably know, the source of our pokey page loads
> involved repeatedly evaluating lots of large JavaScript files on each page
> transition. Surprisingly, it was jQuery that was the slowest of them all.
> >
> > We've been writing some infrastructure on the server (the Condenser) and
> on the client (the Screen Navigator) to enable Engage to work in an "all in
> one page" AJAX environment where script dependencies are loaded only once,
> at startup time. Our approach, unlike other mobile toolkits out there, is
> largely unobtrusive and lets you develop content without hard-baking it for
> use via AJAX. This makes content more reusable, and it makes testing and
> debugging way, way easier.
> >
> > We've also introduced concatenation and minification of all essential
> resources (this is just standard practice for production sites), which
> should substantially improve performance on 3G connections, too.
> >
> > So, we're very close to freezing the code for 0.3b3. These changes affect
> all aspects of the application, so we're going to need to kick off a full QA
> cycle tomorrow morning. I'll send a note to the list with the correct URL
> when we're ready to start testing. Testers, we need you!
> >
> > Our goal, assuming QA goes well, is to cut a release and redeploy the
> application on Friday. Hugues, can you tell us about your testing schedule
> for Friday, and suggest a time when it will be least inconvenient for us to
> take the production application down and replace it with the fast version?
> >
> > James, are you willing to coordinate this next QA cycle again? You were
> awesome last time!
> >
> > Colin
> >
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> > Colin Clark
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> >
> >
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> Colin Clark
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