State of Condensation

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at
Thu Mar 4 07:07:14 UTC 2010

Tonight I have finished (somewhat hackishly) the last piece of work on 
the "condenser" (client/server part of "Screen Navigator") that will 
enable us to deliver concatted and minified builds of the framework for 
the McCord pilot. I haven't committed this to trunk since in order to 
work, it requires the output files from the build process, "MyEngage.js" 
and "MyInfusion.js" to be placed at a particular location in the 
filesystem, which naturally cannot be commited - so this would for the 
time being break trunk. The changes to enable this are added as patches to

For build work tomorrow, there are a couple of issues - firstly
i) The "MyInfusion.js" file could be placed at src/webapp rather than 
the root of the infusion project. Since the overall project root is not 
mounted in Eclipse, and this portion of the path disappears in the 
standalone, this would make it impossible to have a consistent relative 
path for this file in mobileHome.html that works in the two environments.
ii) Some of the "common files" escaped the configuration for the build, 
these are guestbook and date-related files that could usefully go into 
MyEngage.js as well.

Ideally all of this environmental matter would just become a part of 
configuration, but there will not be time to implement this before the 
delivery of "the fast one" for the pilot. See you all in the morning,


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