Release schedule for Engage 0.3b3 (the fast one)

Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Wed Mar 3 21:55:04 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Antranig, Michelle, and I have made major progress on making Engage 0.3b super fast. As you probably know, the source of our pokey page loads involved repeatedly evaluating lots of large JavaScript files on each page transition. Surprisingly, it was jQuery that was the slowest of them all.

We've been writing some infrastructure on the server (the Condenser) and on the client (the Screen Navigator) to enable Engage to work in an "all in one page" AJAX environment where script dependencies are loaded only once, at startup time. Our approach, unlike other mobile toolkits out there, is largely unobtrusive and lets you develop content without hard-baking it for use via AJAX. This makes content more reusable, and it makes testing and debugging way, way easier.

We've also introduced concatenation and minification of all essential resources (this is just standard practice for production sites), which should substantially improve performance on 3G connections, too.

So, we're very close to freezing the code for 0.3b3. These changes affect all aspects of the application, so we're going to need to kick off a full QA cycle tomorrow morning. I'll send a note to the list with the correct URL when we're ready to start testing. Testers, we need you!

Our goal, assuming QA goes well, is to cut a release and redeploy the application on Friday. Hugues, can you tell us about your testing schedule for Friday, and suggest a time when it will be least inconvenient for us to take the production application down and replace it with the fast version?

James, are you willing to coordinate this next QA cycle again? You were awesome last time!


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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