[Decapod] Image scaling and transformation of mixed content

Boyan Sheytanov boyan.sheytanov at asteasolutions.com
Tue Mar 2 11:17:49 UTC 2010

Hi again!

Jonathan, all things you mention are related to dealing with mixed size
input. There are two questions about it really:

1. How are we dealing with it in this release?
2. How will we be dealing with it in the long run?

I guess that for this release we should just warn the user. I'm not sure
what we should do about it in the next releases but I guess the process of
making all the images across the book equally sized should be run right
before exporting (if we will be supporting this).

Since this release is a demonstrator and we want more people to be trying it
out I think we should not restrict Decapod in any way (such as using a pair
of cameras of the same model or image resolution). For the same reason I
believe we should allow importing images after capture and we should clearly
convey that importing images of different size might lead to unexpected

Greetings, Boyan
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