Fluid Monthly Teleconference hiatus for summer

Jess Mitchell jess at jessmitchell.com
Wed Jun 2 12:57:28 UTC 2010

Dear All,

I'm writing to propose that we take a break from the Fluid Monthly Teleconferences until September.  There is plenty going on -- so much so that I think we can keep in touch for these next few months with more frequent communication via Twitter (@FluidProject) and our website news blurb at http://fluidproject.org

To give you a sense of what the team is doing now:

The Fluid team is busy preparing for a move to the Ontario College of Art & Design -- a very exciting opportunity to have an impact on design all the way from the classroom to our projects.  This move is scheduled for August 1st.  The team is working out all the details of space, equipment, and collaborations.  OCAD will be a partner in the Canada Foundation for Innovation grant that was recently awarded.  This grant will fund the creation of the Inclusive Design Institute -- a partner institution of area school dedicated to inclusivity in design and development.  It's all a very exciting new chapter.

The team is also busy working on CollectionSpace http://collectionspace.org/ and Decapod http://sites.google.com/site/decapodproject/, two Mellon-supported projects.  CollectionSpace is the open source collections management system and Decapod is an open source document digitization solution.  Both projects are making great progress with regular releases and deep community involvement.  We continue to improve and refine Fluid Infusion http://www.fluidproject.org/products/infusion/ and to incorporate it into our current work.

The ATRC is expecting to hear about a number of grants we have recently submitted.  We expect to share positive news on those grants with the community very soon through Twitter and our website.  We're anxious to kick up work again on Fluid Engage and hope to start very soon.

Please be directly in touch with me or anyone else from the team if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful summer and we'll see you in September!


Jess Mitchell
Boston, MA, USA
Project Manager / Fluid Project
jess at jessmitchell.com
/ w / 617.326.7753  / c / 919.599.5378
jabber: jessmitchell at gmail.com

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