Making Engage understandable with Voiceover

Sambhavi Chandrashekar sambhavic at
Thu Jan 28 18:17:15 UTC 2010


Just sharing a point of interest observed during my interactions with Engage
using iPhone and Voiceover.

This is regarding the spelling of the word ‘Guestbook’ on Engage. When I
listen to it with Voiceover on the iPhone, I hear it as ‘Goosebook’. I
wonder if that will help the user understand what the item is. Writing it as
two words ‘Guest book’ is an acceptable alternative and I am sure that will
be pronounced properly by Voiceover.

An earlier research had reported that ‘Home page’ should not be written as
‘Homepage’ because then JAWS pronounces it as ‘Ho ma paage’. In my own
research I discovered that ‘Site map’ when written as ‘Sitemap’ is
pronounced by JAWS as ‘Sit ‘em up’.

It is a known issue that names and compound words can cause problems for
synthetic speech. In cases as mentioned above, when an alternative spelling
is acceptable, I guess it would be good practice to split rather than

I wonder how Voiceover will pronounce if we write GuestBook … I would be
happy to test if it seems worth the time.

A11y Team, FE
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