Keyboard accessibility: changing tab order

Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Wed Jan 27 22:06:29 UTC 2010


Orca, a screen magnifier, and Firefox makes perfect sense for an a11y test environment for Decapod. Thanks! The ATRC is also building a new GNOME screen magnifier as part of our work on AEGIS, so perhaps this will also give us an opportunity to test both together.


On 2010-01-27, at 4:04 PM, E.J. Zufelt wrote:

> * It would seem to me then that the UI should be tested, at the least, for accessibility with Orca and the magnification application for gnome (or any other windowing environment anticipated to be used), with Firefox.  I would recommend user testing with users who are familiar with these ATs, but also with users who are not familiar with these ATs, as there is a good chance that an individual using this product may be unfamiliar with the linux environment.  Since keyboard commands are reasonably similar for most screen-readers (with some exceptions) it would be reasonable to assume that a screen-reader user would be able to acclimate themself to the new AT with little difficulty.  Perhaps this is already in the plans.

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