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Andrea Leutgoeb . aleutgoeb at uoc.edu
Tue Jan 26 11:38:41 UTC 2010

Hi Colin,Thanks a lot for the quick feedback. I addressed your comments regarding the small implementation details and started to have a look at the big picture issues. Please find my comments below. * Language selection is closely related to the user work Sveto has implemented. It occurs to me that the language selection screen is going to be the very first time we meet most users--this is probably the best time to create a record for the user and store their language preference. Can you work with Sveto to move the code he's got for handling users in to a more general spot that you can use?>> I will get in touch with Sveto and see how we could move out the user creation part.* We'll want to dynamically generate the list of languages based on the museum. Some museums will have content in only one language (bypassing the need for this screen), while others like McCord will have multiple languages. For the Home screen, I started to sketch something out but haven't yet had a chance to commit it to the repository. Can you build your component so that it renders from sample data like this? Here's what I was thinking the museum document would look like for McCord:{   "_id": "mccord",   "_rev": "1-b7cf5fa17688439515f77a9c14b2275f",   "type": "fluid.engage.docs.museum",   "name": "McCord Museum",   "languages": [       "en",       "fr"   ],   "lat": 43.662424,   "long": -79.441134}>> Sounds good. I will modify the component accordingly and also provide some sample data.Andrea
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