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I had been meaning to let everyone know that I would be working on the catalogue page over the weekend, but wasn't sure if I'd get a chance. Then when I did start working on it, I forgot about the e-mail.

Anyways... I have put in some time on it and have committed some code to the repository. There are still some key areas that need to be addressed (see commit log below). I'll try to squeeze in a bit more, before tomorrow.

- Justin 

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> r9119 | justin.obara at utoronto.ca | 2010-01-24 19:39:27 -0500 (Sun, 24 Jan 2010) | 1 line
> Changed paths:
>   M /fluid/engage/fluid-engage-core/trunk/components/catalogue/html/view.html
>   M /fluid/engage/fluid-engage-core/trunk/components/catalogue/js/Catalogue.js
>   M /fluid/engage/fluid-engage-core/trunk/framework/js/Engage.js
>   M /fluid/engage/fluid-engage-kettle/trunk/src/main/webapp/application/engageConfig.json
>   M /fluid/engage/fluid-engage-kettle/trunk/src/main/webapp/application/engageStandaloneConfig.json
>   M /fluid/engage/fluid-engage-kettle/trunk/src/main/webapp/services/catalogue/js/catalogue.js
> ENGAGE-279: The catalogue now groups artifacts by themes, and only displays the first four artifacts from each theme as a preview. It also includes links to all the artifacts in the exhibition or just by theme. Somethings to note. 1) the catalogue.js in kettle hasn't been updated to the new style yet. 2) Catalogue.js uses the old style of accessing the render (not using the renderUtils functions) and will be updated to Antranig's new stlye 3) There is still styling work that needs to be done
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