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Hi Sam,
Welcome to the team! I think we met somewhat briefly at the design meeting yesterday but I'll introduce myself properly; my name is Leah and I'm a designer from SFU, Vancouver. My background is in Interaction design, founded in user-centered methods.

Your expertise in accessibility will come in very handy while we design our kiosk interface. I will definitely give the link below a read.

Talk soon,

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Hi Fluid community! 

Last week I joined Alison and Armin in their efforts to include accessibility / W3C standards compliance aspects into Fluid QA plans. I come in one day a week. As a hello gesture I want to share a recent post of mine giving Web interaction tips for users of the JAWS screen reader, which was a by-product of my dissertation research interviews & hands-on sessions with thirteen JAWS users: 


For those of you interested in human-Web interaction design, this might provide a glimpse of commonly performed Web actions of screen reader users. 


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