[Decapod] Capture demo, JIRA gardening, next steps

Boyan Sheytanov boyan.sheytanov at asteasolutions.com
Sun Jan 17 19:43:40 UTC 2010

Hi Jon!

Sorry for the late reply. Please see my comments inline below.

2010/1/14 Jonathan Hung <jonathan.hung at utoronto.ca>

> Hi Boyan,
> Here is a list of things I found while testing the deployed instance a few
> days ago. Some of these may have been fixed (haven't tested with your
> updates yet), and some may have been things that were already thought of,
> but yet to be implemented.
> Rather than file JIRAs for all of these, I've posted them here for
> clarification before going into JIRA:
> Thumbnail browser:
> - initial "No images captured yet" thumbnail has a delete button initially,
> but it shouldn't be deletable. The "thumbnail" should contain text, rather
> than an image.

I have already fixed the first one - there is no delete button now. Didn't
get that the thumbnail should be with text. Will fix it (though it might
look a bit different). I guess that 'No preview available' should also be
text, is that right?

> - after taking a picture the image captured should become selected (use
> selected thumbnail style)
> - clicking on anything other than the selected thumbnail will remove
> selected styling.
> -- selection style should persist until another thumbnail selected.
Currently the last image captured is selected, but that is indicated only by
a thin black border and the presence of the 'Delete' button. Will work more
on the styles soon.

> Drag and Drop:
> - if "No images captured yet" or 1 image is available, drag and drop is
> possible, but no drop markers are rendered.
> - moving a thumbnail during drag and drop should use a narrow drop target
> positioned between thumbnails.
> - thumbnails should not shift position when drop target is rendered
> - thumbnail that is being dragged should be greyed out to indicate it is
> being moved
> - drop target should be drawn in the next position if the thumbnail has
> been dragged past the 1/2 way mark of the underlying thumbnail.
> - dragging onto an area not part of the thumbnail list should indicate that
> it can not be dropped there
> - Example:
> http://build.fluidproject.org/infusion/integration-demos/uportal/html/portal.html

These all are style-related. Will fix them.

> Keyboard Navigation:
> - Tab order: thumbnail list, take picture button, fix image, compare,
> export

Haven't tested tab order. Thanks for pointing this out!

> Screen layout:
> - Take Picture button should be visible on screen at all times.
> - Image in Preview pane should scale to fit available space between the
> button bar and the take picture button
Will make the thumbnails and preview area fixed height. Thumbnails will be
scrollable and preview will be scaled.

> Thanks Boyan!
Most of the issues are due to bad styling. I haven't worked too much on it,
but will improve it together with Fix image UI (which is mainly css styles).
Probably a single JIRA issue can be filed - 'Improve Capture styling' with
the above issues listed in the description. It should take a day or to to
make it look better.

> - Jonathan.
> ---
> Jonathan Hung / jhung.utoronto at gmail.com
> Fluid Project - ATRC at University of Toronto
> Tel: (416) 946-3002


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