Development plan for Engage 0.3 pilot

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Fri Jan 15 00:25:53 UTC 2010

Oh! Just a quick clarification...

On 2010-01-14, at 6:56 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> The plan is divided into three separate, week-long iterations. At the end of each, we'll have a workable, self-contained bundle of functionality. Here's a quick summary of the features we've got planned:
> Week 1: Browse Exhibitions: themes, about, and catalogues; improved data access and import
> Week 2: Bilingual support; enter object codes; improved navigation
> Week 3: View artifacts, media and podcasts; collect artifacts and email them; weave it all together
> Developers, here's how I'd like to start splitting up the work for this week and next:
> Import: Antranig
> Exhibition: Justin and Yura
> Data access: Michelle and Colin
> Object code entry screen and language selection: Sveto and Andrea

If you name isn't on this list and you want to write some code, we'd be super happy to have your help. If you don't write code but want to help out, there's tons of testing work throughout the process. At the moment, we're particularly looking for people to help write QA test plans for each aspect of the application. The designers can help you get started. We're also planning to put together a test plan for the iPhone VoiceOver screen reader. Let us know if you can help with that, too.


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