[Decapod] Capture demo, JIRA gardening, next steps

Jonathan Hung jonathan.hung at utoronto.ca
Thu Jan 14 18:51:37 UTC 2010

Hi Boyan,

Here is a list of things I found while testing the deployed instance a few
days ago. Some of these may have been fixed (haven't tested with your
updates yet), and some may have been things that were already thought of,
but yet to be implemented.

Rather than file JIRAs for all of these, I've posted them here for
clarification before going into JIRA:

Thumbnail browser:
- initial "No images captured yet" thumbnail has a delete button initially,
but it shouldn't be deletable. The "thumbnail" should contain text, rather
than an image.
- after taking a picture the image captured should become selected (use
selected thumbnail style)
- clicking on anything other than the selected thumbnail will remove
selected styling.
-- selection style should persist until another thumbnail selected.

Drag and Drop:
- if "No images captured yet" or 1 image is available, drag and drop is
possible, but no drop markers are rendered.
- moving a thumbnail during drag and drop should use a narrow drop target
positioned between thumbnails.
- thumbnails should not shift position when drop target is rendered
- thumbnail that is being dragged should be greyed out to indicate it is
being moved
- drop target should be drawn in the next position if the thumbnail has been
dragged past the 1/2 way mark of the underlying thumbnail.
- dragging onto an area not part of the thumbnail list should indicate that
it can not be dropped there
- Example:

Keyboard Navigation:
- Tab order: thumbnail list, take picture button, fix image, compare, export

Screen layout:
- Take Picture button should be visible on screen at all times.
- Image in Preview pane should scale to fit available space between the
button bar and the take picture button

Thanks Boyan!

- Jonathan.
Jonathan Hung / jhung.utoronto at gmail.com
Fluid Project - ATRC at University of Toronto
Tel: (416) 946-3002

On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 4:28 AM, Boyan Sheytanov <
boyan.sheytanov at asteasolutions.com> wrote:

> Hi again!
> I filed some JIRA issues about the next steps that need to be taken (moving
> code to incubator, deploying on build server, implementing fixing, and
> improving server). These can be found by browsing the open issues of the
> Decapod component of Fluid Infusion (JIRA numbers 3476 through 3480). Please
> have a look at them to see if everything's OK.
> Greetings, Boyan
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