Emerging plan and priorities for Engage 0.3

Victoria Moulder vmoulder at sfu.ca
Tue Jan 12 18:29:11 UTC 2010

Hey Colin,

Thanks for the overview, in regards to the emerging plan and priorities for Engage 0.3 - is there an area you'd like to see me focus on, rather then the kiosk infrastructure.   

Yesterday, Jess and I had a conversation which that lead to the idea that we need to conduct more analysis on the implementation of the kiosk - but I could switch gears to work on current priorities!!  

Let me know!

Best, Vicki 

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Hi everyone,

The community is deep in the midst of planning the roadmap for our next Engage release, version 0.3. This will be used by the McCord museum in a late Februrary/early March pilot with school groups, visitors, and museum staff. Exciting stuff.

Many of these planning conversations naturally happen synchronously and face-to-face. Still, we want to make sure our planning is transparent, so we've been keeping the wiki update with all the latest information. Check out this page for more information:



Colin Clark
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