[Decapod] Capture demo, JIRA gardening, next steps

Boyan Sheytanov boyan.sheytanov at asteasolutions.com
Fri Jan 8 12:20:22 UTC 2010

Hi Jon et. al!

For the sake of clarity, I'm posting an overview of where we currently
are at with Decapod development (based on the discussions on the demo
and the dev meeting yesterday).

As Capture is brought to a relatively working state, we now need to do
the following:
 1) Apply some code improvements suggested, e.g. that.locate() doesn't
need to be jQuery-wrapped (Michelle, Colin, looking forward to more
 2) Update the status of JIRA issues related to Capture (Jon, I marked
all FLUID-3312 subissues as resolved, and assigned them to you for a
review and closing).
 3) Do some more JIRA gardening - there is some stuff that hasn't been
updated for a while -
(these are open issues for the Decapod component, mostly related to
 4) Move the codebase from scratchpad to incubator (do we need to file
a JIRA issue for this?).
 5) Deploy the current code on the build server (will need some python
packages setup), probably have to move to incubator first (again, is
JIRA needed?).
 6) File JIRAs for tasks related to the next component to be developed
- fixing images (I'll be doing that pretty soon as I have another look
at the workflow and wireframes).

Our decision was to implement the components according to the Decapod
workflow. This means, first images are captured, then they are fixed,
and then - exported to PDF. After that probably we will do some work
on dashboard - working with multiple projects and persisting the
current state of each project. Working on the server solely is not a
priority - we will add to things as we develop the UI interface. On
the list of things to be done are:
 * Imrpoving URLs API (make it more RESTful).
 * Support for job scheduling (and operations on the job queue).
 * Adding some basic dewarp/export to PDF scripts.
 * Image order persistence (i.e. model persistence, which is tightly
connected to project data persistence).

Briefly, our next priority is to develop the Fix Image functionality
and meanwhile deploy the current code to the build server. Do not
hesitate to add comments and suggestions (if you have read so far :).



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