My Collection update

Svetoslav Nedkov snedkov at
Thu Jan 7 17:12:38 UTC 2010

Hello Colin,

Here is the update that I wasn't able to give on the developers' meeting 
because of connection problems.

1. The integration of the user collection with the artifact view is 
quite ready, I'm currently having an issue with a selected dom element 
that doesn't seem to accept click events when passed to another 
component, but I hope that I'll be able to fix that for a short time 
tomorrow that's why I won't fill in the details.

2. To provide a better way of testing this, tomorrow I will create a 
script that generates empty shadow documents for the artifacts that are 
seen in the browse page. This way we will be able to add/remove all the 
artifacts that we currently see.

3. Also another concern I have is regarding the data structure we use. 
Last talk on the subject we had we settled for a centralized user 
database, but I understand that this is not planned and intend to remove 
it completely, replacing it with a suitable CouchDB view that will be 
used only for getting data. This will eliminate the problem with 
redundancy I've mentioned in my previous email.

I'd like to hear your opinion on the subject.

4. I think that the idea to generate a CouchDB unique id for the user 
session is a good idea, just to clarify - will we create a document for 
the session that can be expanded in the future or for now just use the 
functionality that allows us to generate uuids.



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