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Hi All;

On the FE WIKI Design home page []
under >General Information< I have added this category >Production< and these three links "Designer Naming Convention", "Designer File Sharing"  and "Design and Development Process"

Since naming convention/terminology is core to our collaborative work environment I thought we could start documenting this information as consensus is being made?

Best, Vicki 

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Also, on a related topic: 

We've been confusingly using the following words interchangeably within the design space for some time now: iteration, draft, version, revision. In fact, in the wiki, we used all three of iteration, draft, and version to indicate a design cycle in different places (in mobile we used "draft", in the kiosk wiki titles we used "iteration", and in the kiosk filenames we used "version"). 

My suggestion would be to standardized across the board and use the following definitions. 

Our two-week design planning iterations (e.g., the current iteration, iteration 13, is from January 5-19). 

One cycle of design (e.g., we recently finished draft 4 of our kiosk wireframes/design, and draft 8 of our mobile wireframes). 

The production release of the product (e.g., Engage version 0.3 will be released at the end of next month). 

The file revision number used by svn (e.g., 8905 is the latest revision of file x in the repository). This is rarely referred to. 



On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 2:45 PM, James William Yoon < james.yoon at > wrote: 

I like this naming convention, but would suggest a couple of small changes: 



Changes and reasoning: 
- Date in yy-mm-dd format so that when filenames are sorted by name, files are automatically sorted properly by authoring date 
- Order of project name, sub-project, type of work, and title/description in increasing granularity (project > sub-project > type of work > title) 
- "D4" to indicate draft number instead of just "4", since some operating systems append a -x to the filename duplicates 

(additional thought: 

091021 - FE - Mobile - Wireframes - ArtifactView - JMVM - Draft4.pdf 

seems more readable to me than 



On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 1:29 PM, Leah Maestri < leahm at > wrote: 

Hi all, 

I'm resurrecting this in light of a recent re-org to the wiki we did. The last discussion centered around the following naming convention: 

Date(MM-DD-YY)_project name abbreviation_ type of work description_title_author(s) abbreviated_version number. 

So as an example: 



I know people thought it was redundant to have the date stamped in the title, but for the wiki this is actually helpful as we need to do "versioning" somewhat manually and it's helpful to know what docs were created at different times. 



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