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There are still testing tasks remaining if you are still interested in helping out.

Just a bit of explanation on some of them.

The tasks that mention Myinfusion.js are actually about using the single concatenated js file that is at the top level of the download package.

To perform the tests for this you will need to substitute it into the html file for one or more of our demo pages. 

The demos don't ship with the custom builds so you will need to grab one of our full releases

Once you have selected the demo to test with, you will need to delete the <script> tags referencing files that are in the concatenated Myinfusion.js file and add a reference to the Myinfusion.js instead.

Do some tests with the demo page, and make sure it is still working. You can just do some quick tests if you know how the page is supposed to work. Or you can use the test plan.


On 2010-01-06, at 12:35 PM, Justin Obara wrote:

> Hello,
> We are prepping the first release of the Infusion Builder and are in the process of release testing for it. 
> If you have some time, even to complete one testing task, the help would be greatly appreciated.
> You can find testing tasks on the wiki, at the Release Testing Tasks page
> *** you can move a task over to your own list by either editing the wiki markup directly or copying the task from the available list, adding it to yours, and then deleting it from the available list***
> Please have a look at the Infusion Builder QA Test Plan for steps on performing the tests.
> You can find the test version of the Infusion builder, and its unit tests linked to from the daily build site:
> If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send them along.
> Thanks
> Justin

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