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Good point, Jess.


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do we need the FE?

otherwise +1


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On Jan 6, 2010, at 1:29 PM, Leah Maestri wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm resurrecting this in light of a recent re-org to the wiki we did. The last discussion centered around the following naming convention:
> Date(MM-DD-YY)_project name abbreviation_ type of work description_title_author(s) abbreviated_version number.
> So as an example:
> 10-21-09_FE_wireframe-sketches_kiosk-v4_JM-VM_1.jpg
> 10-21-09_FE_wireframe-sketches_kiosk-v4_JM-VM_2.jpg
> 10-21-09_FE_wireframe-sketches_kiosk-v4_JM-VM_3.jpg
> etc...
> I know people thought it was redundant to have the date stamped in the title, but for the wiki this is actually helpful as we need to do "versioning" somewhat manually and it's helpful to know what docs were created at different times.
> Feedback?
> Best,
> Lee

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