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Just one quick comment about the collect/uncollect links:

4. About the behaviour of the collect/uncollect links - I have made the
>> collect link take the user to the My Collection page, while the uncollect
>> link returns him to the browse artifacts page. I'll be glad to hear your
>> opinions about that.
>> The designers will likely have more thoughts on this. I did a quick look
>> over the wireframes and didn't notice any clear indication of behaviour
>> related to this, but i might have just missed it. Does this mean that you've
>> added the collect/uncollect button to the top nav bar on the artifact view
>> page?
> The interaction for this wasn't articulated well on the wiki (my bad!). The
> intended behavior is to have the "Collect" button act as a toggle button.
> Specifically:
>   1. User is at the artifact view
>   2. User taps "Collect"
>   3. "Collect" turns into "Uncollect", but no other change occurs (i.e.,
> user remains at the artifact view, no page refresh occurs, no layout changes
> occur), and the artifact is added to the user's "My Collection"
>   [3B. We might be adding a fading status note to the effect of, "y
> artifact has been added to your personal collection; tap here to go there
> now"]
> Tapping "Uncollect" should have comparable behavior.
There's another slightly different case, when the user comes directly from
My Collection: he arrives to the artifact view when he clicks on a collected

In this case, the button at the artifact view initially displays
"Uncollect", so the behavior may be like this one:

1. User is at the artifact view
2. User taps "Uncollect"
3. "Uncollect" turns into "Collect" and a fading status note appears with
the missage "This artifact has been removed from your personal collection".
I think in this case is important to display this note, because the user may
have clicked on the "Uncollect" button accidentaly.


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