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Tue Jan 5 15:55:58 UTC 2010

Hi Justin and Sveto,

See comments below:

1. Joan wrote about this but it is also related to the user collections -
> how do we identify an user in Engage, will there be a login page or we will
> use some other mechanism to authenticate users?
> I believe the designers are still working on this one.

Yes--we were discussing this issue at the end of last year, and we're still
trying to determine the easiest way for users to retain their sessions,
while being mindful of the different contexts of use of the mobile app
(especially wrt to whether the device is the user's own or a museum loan).
Stay tuned!

3. I think that the user collections need some paging functionality in order
> to present larger collections. Just need a confirmation.
> Another one for the designers to comment on. I think the current wireframes
> have the page scrolling but depending on the size of the collection paging
> may make more sense. I'm working on getting paging functionality working for
> browse and artifact view so you should be able to use that if needed. You
> can see the code here (
> ).
> It isn't quite finished yet, as  you can't start off at any point inside of
> the dataset yet, you always start on the first page.

The posted wireframes (draft 8) don't have page scrolling drawn in them, but
it's intended to be there. We'll articulate the interaction in draft 9, but
we essentially see it as a "Load next x artifacts" (which would extend the
list by x artifacts) for most artifact lists.

4. About the behaviour of the collect/uncollect links - I have made the
> collect link take the user to the My Collection page, while the uncollect
> link returns him to the browse artifacts page. I'll be glad to hear your
> opinions about that.
> The designers will likely have more thoughts on this. I did a quick look
> over the wireframes and didn't notice any clear indication of behaviour
> related to this, but i might have just missed it. Does this mean that you've
> added the collect/uncollect button to the top nav bar on the artifact view
> page?

The interaction for this wasn't articulated well on the wiki (my bad!). The
intended behavior is to have the "Collect" button act as a toggle button.

  1. User is at the artifact view
  2. User taps "Collect"
  3. "Collect" turns into "Uncollect", but no other change occurs (i.e.,
user remains at the artifact view, no page refresh occurs, no layout changes
occur), and the artifact is added to the user's "My Collection"
  [3B. We might be adding a fading status note to the effect of, "y artifact
has been added to your personal collection; tap here to go there now"]

Tapping "Uncollect" should have comparable behavior.

Hope this helps! Keep the questions coming, :)

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