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Svetoslav Nedkov snedkov at
Tue Jan 5 13:36:38 UTC 2010

Hello Justin and Colin,

I'm done with another stage in the development of the user collections 
for Engage and some issues emerged that I'd like to discuss.

1. Joan wrote about this but it is also related to the user collections 
- how do we identify an user in Engage, will there be a login page or we 
will use some other mechanism to authenticate users?

2. One month ago we talked about shadow artifacts that will be created 
in the museum databases (see the summary from the developers meeting 
mailed to the list by Michelle). I've come to making use of them, but 
when we discussed things with our supervisor here it turned out that 
this redundancy can lead to issues when doing an update. An update will 
involve changing two documents and as we lack the means to do a 
transaction in CouchDB this could lead to some inconsistent data. So we 
have a suggestion to use CouchDB views for shadow artifacts that will 
simply aggregate documents and give access to them. This will result in 
the same ease of use while eliminating the risk of inconsistency.

Another thought about shadow artifacts - if they are represented by 
documents in the database will they be created by hand or on the fly 
when they are not present?

Anyway I feel that this is a subject that needs to be cleared out further.

3. I think that the user collections need some paging functionality in 
order to present larger collections. Just need a confirmation.

4. About the behaviour of the collect/uncollect links - I have made the 
collect link take the user to the My Collection page, while the 
uncollect link returns him to the browse artifacts page. I'll be glad to 
hear your opinions about that.

I'm hoping you will take the time to look into this and maybe we can 
talk about some of the issues on the developers' meeting.



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