wall work and themes

James William Yoon james.yoon at utoronto.ca
Mon Jan 4 14:51:18 UTC 2010

Hi Vicki (and everyone else!),

Happy New Year to you too!

Yes, spending time at tomorrow's design meeting discussing what the DIA's
goals and thoughts are and our next steps for kiosk design (and perhaps a
look back at where we've been from July till now) sounds like a great way to
kick off the new year.

See you all tomorrow!


On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 12:08 AM, Victoria Moulder <vmoulder at sfu.ca> wrote:

> Hi James;
> Happy New Year!
> The attached wall work and themes form the DIA are pretty much in line with
> what we have been working on. Perhaps at our next design meeting (Tuesday
> Jan 05?) we can discuss how the DIA has characterized the kiosk outcomes and
> discuss next steps?
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