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Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Tue Dec 28 21:39:27 UTC 2010

Hey Eric,

Two easy ways:

1. Create the Inline Edit <input> element yourself with the maxlength attribute set and slap an flc-inlineEdit-edit class on it so Inline Edit knows what to do with it. If Inline Edit finds any existing markup for the stuff it needs in the DOM, it will automatically use that instead of rendering its own.

2. After instantiating your Inline Editor, add the maxlength attribute with jQuery. Something like this should work:
	myInlineEdit.locate("edit").attr("maxlength", 25);

Hope this helps,


On 2010-12-27, at 7:45 PM, Eric Dalquist wrote:

> Is there a way to specify the maxlength attribute for the <input> used by the inline editor?

Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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