Jonathan's Windows 7 Testing Update

Jonathan Hung jhung at
Sat Dec 18 00:42:36 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

Since I will be away next week, I wanted to update interested parties in the
testing I have been doing. Primarily I have been testing Windows 7 with
Firefox 3.6 and IE8.

1. Inline Edit and Reorderer:

I have documented my notes here:

Bugs with Jiras will have Jira #'s. Bugs without Jira #'s have not been
filed yet.

2. Accessibility Demo:
FLUID-3932: Tab order not the same going forward as it is in reverse.

3. Builder
FLUID-3811 - Related to FLUID-3845? Happening in Builder too!
FLUID-3939 - Pressing Enter on a checkbox activates Select All in IE8

4. Run all Unit Tests
The following tests are failing in IE8 Windows 7

- Builder- FLUID-3231: Builder tests failing in IE8
- Inline Edit- In IE8 Inline Edit: #31-9 "undo container should not be
- jqUnit - jqUnit Self Test: #2-All failing.

Thanks everyone and have a great and safe Christmas!

- Jonathan.

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