1.3 Update... this is what's left to do: Update 8

Colin Clark colinbdclark at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 01:04:06 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I had a productive evening of reviews. Here are my updates:

On 2010-12-15, at 5:47 PM, Michelle D'Souza wrote:

> Testing has started except for Reorderer, Pager, a11y Demo and Uploader
> Reorderer: 		FLUID-3711  - Colin will review
Reviewed, tested, closed. +1

Testing can start on Reorderer now.

> Keyboard a11y	FLUID-3799 - Antranig or Colin will review 
I have reviewed, tested, and committed Anastasia's patch for this issue. Given how rich and complex this demo is, I am inclined to agree with the idea that it's a good candidate for component-ification, but this work can easily be done for the Infusion 1.4 release instead.

Anastasia, can you file a separate JIRA for the issue of converting the demo into a component-- I've closed this one.

Testing can start on the keyboard-a11y demo now.

> IOC 			- Colin and Michelle will review
I think this one would benefit from a larger walkthrough of the IoC code. Since IoC is both well-used and tested, it arguably could be done post-release if we run out of time.

> Uploader 		- Antranig and Michelle will review
Our goal is to do a group review of Uploader with Antranig, Michelle, and Mike tomorrow at 4 pm EST in Connect.

> Framework:		FLUID-3771 - Colin or Michelle to review
Reviewed and closed. +1

Testing can start on Pager now, I believe.

> 				FLUID-3899 - Colin to review and commit
Reviewed, patch tweaked, reverse reviewed, tested, committed, resolved, and closed. +1


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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