Documentation Requirements for 1.3

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at
Wed Dec 15 20:55:23 UTC 2010

In addition to QA, we also want to get our documentation into shape for the 1.3 release. We've decided that Colin and Antranig will focus on helping me with the bulk of the documentation (since most of the new documentation relates to code they wrote).

For those of you doing QA: If you're looking for a break from running test plans, it would be really helpful to have eyes on the component API pages - a final double-check that the docs actually match the current API. If you'd like to help, ping me in the channel and I'll suggest a component for you.

In general, here's what we'd like to have in place before releasing 1.3:

Conceptual introductions for:

API docs for:
  prototrees + their expanders
  model transformation
  progressive enhancement

Tutorials for each component

Post-1.3, we're hoping to revamp the documentation - I have many ideas for restructuring it, and I'll be looking to the community for help in the new year.

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